Needs Analysis

All the technology in the world will not help an organization become more productive if its members don't know how to use the tools at their disposal.

The biggest return on investment is typically found in the education of employees. Pro/Soft Technologies seeks to make an impact on its clients' business by providing proactive, iterative, and context-sensitive education for all aspects of their business.


  • Training for the Office provides different levels of online or onsite education for typical office applications: Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Publishing, Database, and more. From basic levels up to advanced high-productivity sessions, we aim to make our customers' employees more productive for the long term.
  • Through Training for Sales, a very unique and comprehensive approach to sales training and automation, we'll help you automate your sales process by combining some of the most powerful sales methodologies ever developed with some sophisticated yet easy-to-use tools. The end result is a solid system to track your leads, prospects, and customers and to stay in touch and in control of the process. Combined with workgroup-oriented sales management tools, our clients benefit by quickly improving their top-line results!