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Server Watch

In addition to all your other tasks, you know your computer network has to be monitored. It has to be managed. Updated. Secured. But, who has the time? Who has the knowledge? Juggling too many tasks?Our ServerWatch service offers the harried IT manager or business owner the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your computer network is monitored all the time, and updated when it needs to be. ServerWatch handles all the chores of running a computer network, letting you get on with your more important and productive tasks.

For the small business owner, there is no need to hire an in-house person to make sure the systems are running properly on a day-to-day basis, or to deal with problems as they occur. ServerWatch can help.

For the IT manager, ServerWatch is an opportunity to free up some time for more important, but less urgent, tasks that can really impact your organization!

Monitoring your Servers
Running a reliable and secure network requires reliable and secure servers. ServerWatch uses your existing Internet infrastructure to monitor the health of your servers on a real-time basis. When something goes wrong, we fix it if we can or alert you of the problem immediately. We monitor your servers' heartbeat, system logs, disk space, security, performance, and more!

Managing your Servers
While it's great that your servers are monitored regularly, we recognize that this is only part of the solution. Some management tasks are chores, too, and need to be delegated. ServerWatch manages your servers by: ensuring that all current patches are installed; cleaning up disk space; ensuring that anti-virus and other protections are up-to-date and functioning; adding and removing users. We also do periodic tests of your security, your backup system, and we update your Emergency Repair Disk for those systems requiring it.

Helping you Manage We realize that you still want to be in the loop. ServerWatch provides regular reports on its activities. These reports contain summaries of server statistics, a history of actions taken in the last month, recommendations for your review, and an action plan for the upcoming month. We also provide emergency reporting, alerting you of any current or upcoming problem that we deem important enough to require immediate action on your part.