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Partner IT

Pro/Soft Technologies' aim has always been to provide excellent service and advice to our clients. We strive to be available when needed, by phone or in person. We work hard at understanding our clients' businesses, in order to offer insight and value through the use of computer technology. Ultimately, our goal is to become our clients' Information Technology Department. That goal is expected by most of our customers, who have come to value our role as partners in the success of their business.

In order to achieve this goal, we believe that regular system maintenance and review, along with regular communications between our consultants and client principals, are very important. We have put in place initiatives to meet these requirements, including newsletters and regular followup calls, remote network monitoring services and web-based helpdesk services for more immediate feedback and resolution of problems. We realize that a break-fix technical service, without regular system maintenance and communications, does little to serve our customers' needs for a committed partner. In this light, we offer a PartnerIT program to our clients.

PartnerIT is designed to commit Pro/Soft and its clients to a minimum amount of communication and system review time.

  • By purchasing a PartnerIT program from Pro/Soft, an organization effectively states that they are interested in making Information Technology work for them.
  • By offering a PartnerIT program to a client, Pro/Soft effectively states that they will allocate a minimum number of hours per month for this client.
  • The result is a renewed focus on making computer technology work productively and effectively for an organization, in a planned and cost-effective manner.
  • Our experience since 1991 has shown us that regular maintenance and monitoring of our client's systems creates a proactive environment where the likelihood of disasters is drastically reduced. This gives our clients peace of mind, and reduces the need for costly emergency visits.

We offer various levels of PartnerIT services, starting as low as 2 hours per month of maintenance (recommended for small firms with up to 10 computers). Many packages are available, and we can custom-tailor PartnerIT packages to meet your specific needs.