Needs Analysis
Focal Team

You and Pro/Soft Technologies have both looked for a solution to your needs. Commercial software just doesn't exist, or just can't be made to work. Or, you know you can get a real competitive advantage if only...

That's where our Software Development services come in. Custom software, crafted in a professional manner, aimed at making a big difference in your business.

Our FocalTeam methodology is used to create Internet and Intranet sites, stand-alone applications, and client-server software. Designed to give you fast results, and leave you in control of the process, FocalTeam is flexible enough to handle the inevitable changes that arise during the course of any development project. As well, the FocalTeam process is highly scalable. We have used it to help businesses of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises.

Our staff uses FocalTeam to answer this simple question: What are the small changes that can make the big differences? The answers allow us and our clients to achieve focus, control risk, and create a high return on investment.

FocalTeam offers several benefits over traditional development methods:

  • Faster implementation of prioritized features
  • Better control over costs
  • A more satisfying product, thanks to a more complete team approach
  • Flexibility to include new ideas, features, and technologies throughout the project
  • Greater accountability for all parties
  • Reduced overall project risk due to smaller decision cycles
  • It goes without saying that as we build software, we test it. We train your staff. We ensure the product is stable. Then, we stand behind the product.