Needs Analysis
Engagement Services

Engagement Services are focused on early stages of planning and evaluating implementation of various IT solutions.

Our proactive approach focuses on planning for technology implementations on annual level. Looking at all of our client goals, objectives, needs, initiatives and dependencies from a big picture perspective, this ensures maximized efficiencies, Return on Investment and control.

On a tactical level, when considering implementation of a targeted IT solution, our team will guide you through a thorough evaluation. This would include evolution of benefits, features and functionality, related costs, resource requirements, risks and Return on Investment.

Engagement Services could be positioned as our investment into client partnership (no cost) or at preferred service rates.

Portfolio of Lanworks Engagement Services consists of the following:

  • Blue Print
  • Proof of Concept
  • Live Demo
  • Technology Implementation Assessment
  • Technology Audit
  • OI Study
  • Business Case Development