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Secured Email by CryptZone

Secured eMail

The Secured eMail solution provides powerful end to end email encryption that is truly easy to use for the end user. Email is commonly used to transmit sensitive or confidential information-including operational data, trade secrets, legal documents, financial information, and personal healthcare and identity information-both inside and outside the enterprise. The Secured eMail solution assists organizations to remove the risk of data leakage.

The needs to secure confidential information - and comply with a growing body of regulations that govern the transmission of private data have made policy-based email encryption a "must have" feature of a complete messaging security solution. The Secured eMail solution can be combined with the Secured eFilter solution that will deliver powerful, policy-driven encryption features that helps mitigate the risks associated with regulatory violations, data loss and corporate policy violations by applying encryption automatically based on customizable policies

  • We protect data in emails from sending computer to receiving computer
    • PCI compliant
    • HIPAA compliant
    • Protect personal information
    • Protect financial information
    • Corporate sensitive documents/info, like strategies, drawings, customer info etc.
  • We make sure it is easy to use for the end user
  • The user can be mobile with the solution meaning the user can use several computers without any problems
  • Complete data confidentiality, even with outsourcing
  • We protect emails from internal threats
  • Computer crash protection - Our solution works like before if the computer crash. Solution is not client database dependent
  • Works offline