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BAU Company Profile

BAU-Nebtech is a Service oriented IT company operating from Mississauga. Since its formation in 2000 the company has established a reputation for excellence in service, support and maintenance. Our basic philosophy is to supply the best customer service consistently. We let our customers focus on their business by providing high quality solutions that meet the needs of today’s organizations for secure & manageable infrastructure. The four major areas that we cover are:


Support Services:

The range of services offered is continually evolving and the following is a list of services provided:

  • Hardware supply and Software Support
  • Maintenance Contracts
  • Installation and Commissioning
  • On Site Engineering Services
  • Network Supply and System Consultancy
  • Networking Security
  • Computer Audits

IT Infrastructure:

Our solutions have empowered employers to improve their productivity and reduce costs. Service and Sales people can now connect to their company’s databases while on the road. We act as external experts to design, deploy and manage infrastructure projects in many areas. These include:

  • Operating System Upgrades
  • Network Audits
  • Desktop Roll-Outs
  • Remote Access Solutions
  • Backup / Storage
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Security Reviews / Solutions
  • Site Moves

Structured Cable Network Installations:

Successful communications depends on a strong and stable structured cable infrastructure. It must be capable of carrying voice, data and video without any glitches. We offer a complete solution that includes:

  • Design & Installation
  • Testing
  • Maintenance of structured cable networks
  • Cat 5e and Cat 6
  • Switches & Routers
  • Wireless Networks
  • IP Cameras
  • VOIP telephone services

Web and Internet Services:

We provide a complete range of Internet services and can take any website project from conception through to completion. Our services include:

  • Hosting – Provides the solid platform for your website
  • Design / Development
  • Online Marketing
  • Website Enhancement
  • eCommerce
  • Content Management
  • Anti Spam Email Filtering

Networking Security:

It is all about SECURING your Business Assets.

Information is one of your company’s most important assets and more vulnerable than ever before. You need to ensure that your company’s information is accessible to the right people and protected against unauthorized use and compliant with regulatory and legislative measures.

We can help you identify the general risks you may be vulnerable to and the risks that are unique to your company. With innovative solutions tailored to your unique needs we help you build a trusted secure environment that gives you confidence and peace of mind.

BAU-Nebtech solutions are designed to meet your unique needs. We work with you to provide the assistance you need (from consultation to implementation and integration to full outsourcing), delivered in a set of individual solutions that focus on specific aspects of enterprise security. In these solutions, we combine the best security products on the market today with our considerable security expertise to provide a solution with unparalleled quality.

Your business is constantly exposed to security threats and attacks. Some companies accept these security risks as the price of doing business. Others simply ignore the danger, thinking it can’t possibly happen to them. But it can – and it will. The Challenge is network protection, data privacy, compliance with regulatory requirements and overall security is an on-going process requiring continuous improvement in response to changing technologies, threats and user demands. Keeping up with this change requires access experts for a variety of needs ranging from policy development and best practices to application security and network architecture.

Finding the right expert quickly can make the difference between business continuity and having to report a breach to the Security and Exchange Commission or your local newspaper. The Solution is with proven methodologies, knowledge and cross-industry best practices to provide policy, architecture, program implementation and continuous process improvement solutions. We will help you: Identify the source of potential security gaps and vulnerabilities Educate your staff about actions that compromise your security system Develop detailed security policies and procedures Establish compliance evaluations and accountability Integrate security processes into daily operations and interactions Ensure that the right information reaches the right people, as securely and reliably as possible.

BAU-Nebtech also offers Risk Management and IT Security Services. We enable our clients to meet their risk management objectives besides offering a III party neutral objective feedback on the state of organizations IT security preparedness given its focus on e-security.

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