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Deployment Specialists

Deployment Specialists Inc. is a company born out of an existing need for software, hardware manufacturers and resellers of such products to utilize a ready source of certified technical resources, trained to be deployed anywhere in Canada.

Case 1 - You are a potential customer with a shrinking pool of your own technical resources that are over utilized. The business demands of your corporation forces you to do more with less resources. You need to maintain your existing infrastructure and introduce bleeding edge technology as well. Deployment Specialists Inc will help you source products and provide you with access to its very extensive pool of highly trained certified technical resources. You can consider us as an extension of your IT department. We will help you with your business case to sell the project to management, the on-site installation, data integration, set up, after sales support and a very high Quality of Service. We are like your contractor Engage us GET STARTED NOW

Case 2 - You are a reseller who has invested time and money in training and certifying your technical resources to deploy the products and services that form the bulk of your revenue stream. You want to keep your precious technical resources 100% on -site and in front of your customers. Deployment Specialists Inc. will engage you to do pre and post sale onsite installation support and integration professional services for our Deployment Partner Agreements. You will also be engaged to prepare solution proposals for our end-users. You will benefit from a unique professional relationship that he End Users turn to Deployment specialists for. GET STARTED NOW

Case 3 - You are a software or hardware manufacturer with a unique product or service offering and you are looking for a deployment partner for expansion throughout Canada. Deployment Specialists Inc. will arrange to have local technical resources trained and certified to install, integrate, setup and provide the highest level of pre and post sale installation support on behalf of your organization. This reduces your cost per sale and allows your organization to focus on closing sales. You will have a ready pool of technical resources that are professional, reliable, trained and certified to support your sales efforts in Canada. You will benefit from our referral program. We will sign a Deployment Partner Agreement with you. GET STARTED NOW